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Tips for Choosing the Best Green Coffee Beans Supplier

If you are a coffee lover and consumer, then you must be familiar with Colombian coffee. Even though the origin of coffee is in Africa, its perfection has been done in other parts of the world. As such, for a lover of aromatic coffees, nothing can beat one which has been brewed from the Colombian coffee. This coffee has a reputation of great quality which sells throughout the world under its “own” name.

The story of coffee and Columbia dates back many years ago. This is as early as the 1800s. Following the start of the plantations at that time, the exports to the North American and European markets started. In Columbia, the type of coffee that is predominant is the Arabic Tree that performs very well in climates associated with mountains and likes shade as opposed to direct sunlight. There are indigenous plants such as banana trees and rubber that are vital in the shielding of the coffee plants from the sun. As such they offer the best environment for the growth and maturation of the beans.

Typically, the time it takes for the coffee trees to attain their maturity is approximately four to five years. When it hits that age, the farmer can at last harvest the berries. It is a tradition for the Colombian coffee to be handpicked to ensure that just the ones that are ripe are picked which gives the rest ample time to ripen. Currently, there has been the use of strip-picking in which the whole tree is shaken at a time when a lot of the berries are already ripe. It goes without saying that this removes both the unripe and ripe berries and as such, handpicking is seen as the best way to pick the ripe berries. Discover more facts about coffees at

Following the picking, the seeds at this link are separated from the flesh of the berries in which the seeds are soaked for about 24-48 hours in water. Soaking is vital for the dissolution of any of the pulp which might still be attached to the beans.

Finally, the beans are laid in the sun and allowed to dry ensuring that turning is regularly done. This is vital in the reduction of acidity in the beans. Before the packaging is done, some of the foreign objects such as leaves and twigs are removed before packaging and shipping to the buyers. This coffee maintains a distinctive flavor and remains one of the most sought after coffee in the world. Look for international coffee traders here!

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